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The specialist for Davit systems and Cargo handling systems on seagoing vessels


Freefall Davit

Picture of freefall davit

Freefall Davit Systems for each boat type as a Rollertrack System or a Hydraulic Luffing System with built on hydraulic winch

Spindle Davits

One arm mechanical splindle davit with crossbeam and handoperated deck winch with portable electric motor for hoisting the boat.

Gravity Davits

Rollertrack Gravity Davits for open and enclosed Lifeboats, Rescueboats and Tenderboats.
With frame and deck mounted winches.

Slewing Davits

Handoperated slewing davit with handoperated winch.

Electric and Hydraulic Cranes

Electric Provision Cranes from 0,5 to. at 2,5 m working radius up to 10 to. at 15 m working radius with topping boom or fixed boom.

Rescueboat Davit

Rescueboat Davit or Crane with stored power system and electrical winch and remote control from inside the boat.